Get ready for online food photos to be taken to a whole new 3D level!

cakeBad news if you are one of those people who hate others sharing photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner on your social media timelines… it is about to reach a whole new level! On the other hand, this is potentially exciting news for those ‘foodie snappers’ out there who can’t resist taking a quick snap of their food before they indulge…

Meet Dacuda 3D, an iPhone app that launches next month and will allow users to take photos of edible delights in full, delicious 3D (of course, despite the marketing, presumably this can also be used to take 3D images of non-food stuffs too!).

Perhaps the next stage is a social media version of smellovision…

What do you think? Is this the final straw that sees you close your social media account before you are subjected to the almost real life daily delights of your friends diet, or are you chomping at the bit to download the app and share your next cake or cocktail with the world? 


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