Blogging Challenge: A look back over the last 30 days!


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Today marks 30 consecutive days of blogging! I have just completed The Simple Blogging Network’s 30 day blog post challenge!

Why did I decide to do this challenge? Well, I had recently started this blog and felt like it was the best incentive to quickly add content whilst also ‘throwing me in at the deep end’ and getting me in the way of blogging regularly!

The challenge also offers a chance to discuss blogging with like-minded individuals – an excellent opportunity to pick up some great tips!

It’s been tough to find the time to blog everyday. I have a high workload at the best of times so finding time to think up ideas and write them up everyday has meant some very early starts and even later nights! However, it’s also been interesting and inspiring. I have met some great people on the associated Facebook page and I have had the opportunity to share my blog with a wider and more diverse audience.

I have certainly enjoyed the challenge and I would recommend it to all bloggers out there – whether you are a brand new blogger seeking to kickstart your blog, or a semi-pro looking for a fresh challenge or a different readership!

Why not take part next time?


4 responses to “Blogging Challenge: A look back over the last 30 days!

  1. I looked forward to your posts every day, Dawn!! I agree with Lorraine that your posts are insightful and though-provoking. Looking forward to more!!

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