A day in the life of a social media and mobile app user!


Image courtesy of krmokrathog / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I decided to investigate just how many apps I could use to help me enjoy a day out with friends over the bank holiday weekend…

7:30. Check the weather using the Met Office app. Find that it is going to be sunny so start looking for an outdoor activity for us all to do.

7:45. Use The AA great days out, English Heritage and National Trust apps to find somewhere to visit. Find an impressive National Trust property and gardens. Use the Google Maps app to check the distance from us, estimated arrival time and estimated fuel costs.

7:55. Message my friends through our Facebook group to ask what they think. The idea is a hit. We all arrange to meet at a nearby Starbucks.

9:00. Order a latte and some breakfast using my electronic payment card through the Starbucks app.

10:00. Head off to our destination using Waze to navigate.

11:30. Arrive at our destination. Some of us check in on Facebook or FourSquare to tell our other friends what we are up to.

Spend a good few hours exploring, during which we have tweeted about our day and shared photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

15:00. Decide to grab some dinner. Use TripAdvisor to locate a nearby restaurant with good reviews. Set off using Waze to navigate.

15:30. Arrive at the restaurant. Check in on the restaurant’s Facebook page and receive 10% off our bill for doing so.

15:45. Some of our friends use the MyFitness app to check how many calories are in their chosen meals.

16:30. A great song is playing at the restaurant, we ‘SoundHound it’ to find out the track name and artist then use iTunes to purchase it ready to play through the car stereo on the journey home.

17:45. Head home from the restaurant. Use TwitTraffic to avoid the typical bank holiday weekend traffic.

20:00. Upload photos from our day to Facebook and Instagram. Update social networking statuses to share news of our day with friends and family. Those in our group who do not already follow the National Trust on twitter do so, likewise they also ‘like’ their Facebook page to ensure that we hear of any future offers or special events.

20:30. Upload destination and restaurant reviews and photos to TripAdvisor. Tweet @NationalTrust to say thank you for a nice day.

21:00. Finally, blog using WordPress about a day in the life of a social media and mobile app user!



4 responses to “A day in the life of a social media and mobile app user!

  1. I’d love to say that’s a crazy amount of apps but its probably quite normal in today’s standards. Strange how our socialising is so different now and how we use these things to communicate whilst we are out and about. Yet another fab post!

  2. You never know how many apps you become dependent on until you really sit and think about it. I check my email on my phone, Facebook, Pinterest, play a few games here and there, check the weather, read the local and world news and so on.

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