#RoyalBaby fever & how to ‘unbaby’ your Internet!

Giving the birth of the royal baby (sorry the #royalbaby!) this week – it seemed only fitting to write a post on the event – and the hashtag – that has taken the internet by storm.

If you haven’t been inundated with every detail of the new royal arrival then you haven’t used social media in the last week, or been near anyone who has used social media… so basically you haven’t gone out in public! Since Kate Middleton went into labour on Monday the social media world has gone #royalbabyinsane! According to Twitter’s own reports, the hashtag #royalbaby was used over 900,000 times in the lead up to the arrival of the newborn, and this number will now be many times greater!

This is the first UK royal baby that has been born during the social media era and how things have changed! When Princes William and Harry were born the general public relied upon information via the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines to ‘stay in the loop’. Imagine that!

Nowadays how many of us actually heard the news of the royal baby via TV, radio or printed media? and how many heard through social media such as Facebook or Twitter?

I bet many more of us fall into the latter category! I certainly do; bar seeing some limited TV footage while at the gym (about the only time I get to see any TV these days!), I ‘heard’ most of my information on the royal baby from social media. Not only that but I gained all of this information regardless of whether I was actually interested in hearing all about the baby or not. Rather than seeking this information by actively switching on the news or catching the programme from the BBC , I was kept firmly ‘in the know’ by everyone else on my social networks who had clearly decided that this was THE main highlight of the week. That’s just another attribute of the social media era, rather than necessarily being news seekers we often become news absorbers.

Giving all the hashtag action I was half expecting the royal baby to be named #George rather than George…

But what if you really can’t take any more #royalbabymadness? Well, believe it or not… There’s an app for that!

If you would rather see this:


Instead of this:


Then you need unbaby.me – the app for Google Chrome which replaces all baby pics with pictures of cats (or dogs, or idyllic beaches… Whatever’s your flavour…).

But until then, here’s one more photo of the happy family:

20130726-084527.jpg(Visit justjared.com for more)

Altogether now, #awww!


Images courtesy of Maggie Smith and Stay2gether / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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