Get ready for online food photos to be taken to a whole new 3D level!

Bad news if you are one of those people who hate others sharing photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner on your social media timelines… it is about to reach a whole new level! On the other hand, this is potentially exciting news for those ‘foodie snappers’ out there who can’t resist taking a quick snap of their food before they indulge…

Meet Dacuda 3D, an iPhone app that launches next month and will allow users to take photos of edible delights in full, delicious 3D…

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The team who fight cyberbullying by creating empathy on Facebook

Did you know that there are employees at Facebook working behind the scenes to try to combat cyberbullying on the platform? If this doesn’t come as surprise, then maybe the way in which they are attempting to achieve this will raise an eyebrow… they are not just blocking or suspending users, or simply issuing warnings or threats over a need for good behaviour, instead they are combating bullying by telling the ‘bullies’ that what their actions are hurting the feelings of others.

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New Facebook rival says Ello! and this one aims to be different… but is it just another drop in the ocean?

So it seems that every week there is a new social media platform that is labelled the ‘next Facebook’ or the ‘next Twitter’. Usually these platforms come and go without making a ripple on the surface of the big social media ocean, however the latest newbie has generated a few more waves than most. Meet Ello – a new social media platform that describes itself with the tagline ‘Simple, beautiful & ad-free’.

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